Our CV: many years of work for press agencies, experience in handling big-budget advertising productions and campaigns for big brands, various trainings and a wide scope of competence,  winners of 6 Grand Press Photo awards (the most significant prize in the advertising industry), hundreds of published photos, thousands of hours spent on film sets and many out-of-the-box projects.

Experience gained in regular war in Afghanistan, days spent in military training areas in diverse conditions put up a distance

in solving problemsand launching new projects. We do not have complexes. We know what we are talking about.


We love what we do and we always operate at 100% efficiency.

We do not create problems, we produce solutions. Each subsequent project is to be better than the previous one.


Standard and unimaginative ideas are of no interest to us. We always suggest a different angle, interesting solutions and new opportunities worth seizing.


We have a good eye for what is right and beautiful. We are certain that emotions are a better way of driving home the message.


Our own photo equipment and transport coupled with skills are our work tools. We have everything we need; time and imagination are the only limits.


We know what we create for whom. We know the rules and we can accommodate. We treat confidentiality of information seriously

and we ensure integrity.


In our opinion, money spent should be reflected on the screen.

We respect the budget, plan carefully and look for the best solutions to make use of the funds at hand effectively.


We are grownups and we are reasonable. We guarantee safety of the production process. We are a responsible partner and expect the same from others.

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